Crypto Valley Singapore

About Crypto Valley Singapore

Crypto Valley Singapore is a membership-based blockchain foundation that aims to promote community literacy in blockchain technologies.

Our Founding Members


Rennie Sng, Founder & CEO of CVS

Ex-Citibanker, ranked Top 2% amongst his Citibanker peers, Assets Under Management circa USD 200,000,000. 17+ years global work experience largely divided between Banking & Finance and High Tech industries. Rennie is highly competitive and is extensively focused as a Crypto-Fund Advisor, and specialises in Finance and Cryptonomics. He currently sits on the advisory boards of several VC seeded revenue generating companies that are in their private fund raising rounds. 

Rennie is an advocate of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain-based Fundraising and Crowdfunding. He allocates time to coach, mentor and volunteer for meaningful and rewarding efforts. He has a passion for UHNWI, Institutional investor relations and business development. Armed with first-hand skills from the school of hard-knocks and practical experience in corporate Best Practices, Banking AML and KYC, day-to-day engagement with Ultra High Net-Worth Individuals.

Rennie possesses invaluable knowledge in company operations, administration & finance budgeting, regulatory due diligence, risk management, compliance and AML/KYC. These are relevant and transferrable skill sets that are incredibly useful for any company start-ups. Other intricate industry knowledge are corporate financing/advisory, incubation advisor, go-to-market strategies, PR/crisis management, event marketing, and international business development. Complimentary senior military leadership spanning 20+ years. Rennie had lived and worked in Australia, London, Sweden, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore.


Winston Choo, Community Manager of CVS, Community Manager of Travel Nation & Trainer of Academy of SMART Block

An IT entrepreneur who specialises in networking computers & mobile devices.

Winston graduated with a B. Sc. in Applied Science (Biotechnology) and B. Sc. in Computer Science with more than 20 years of experience in the infocomm sector. He regards blockchain and cryptocurrencies as the next wave of massive technology disruption & the Internet of money but he is also very concerned that this new technology is far too complicated for the general public and that is what's currently keeping it from mass adoption.



Sheikh Harrith, Head of Marketing of CVS & Founder of Travel Nation

One of the biggest travel Influencer of Instagram with over 90,000 followers is responsible for setting up and partnerships of corporations in the travel and blockchain industries at Travel Nation. With a passion for blockchain and travel, Sheikh Harrith has been actively pursuing of blockchain for the past year with aims to revolutionize the travel industry.

Realizing the inefficiencies faced by hotels and flights with online travel agencies, Sheikh founded Travel Nation, with an aim to develop a technology-driven comprehensive and transparent platform to benefit providers and consumers. As a direct competitor to online travel agencies, Travel Nation aspires to disrupt the current online travel booking industry, elevating industry standards one block at a time.


Our Trainers

Henry Tan, Trainer of Academy of SMART Block

A seasoned and experienced cryptocurrency trader cum trainer by night.

By day, Henry designs training manuals and learning materials for a large corporate company. He is a firm believer of cryptocurrency and reinforces interest to the masses by presenting in seminars and talks. He was ranked 6 in leadership board in a Asia Crypto Trade Tournament 2018 with a trade volume of $250,662 USD within 3 weeks!